STING - The Bridge [2021] NEW

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Released: November 19, 2021

2021 release from the veteran singer/songwriter. Sting recorded The Bridge over the last year with a coterie of trusted musicians beaming into his studio remotely. The list of musicians includes Dominic Miller, Branford Marsalis, Melissa Musique, Gene Noble, Josh Freese, Manu Katché, Jo Lawry, Fred Renaudin, Peter Tickell, Julian Sutton, Laila Biali, Gavin Brown, Shaggy, Donal Hodgson, Tony Lake and Martin Kierszenbaum. That easy sense of musical camaraderie, connection and kinship is on full display in the lead single 'If It's Love', an unabashed pop song lent wings by a whistled refrain, joyful handclaps, and uplifting brass and strings.

  • 1 Rushing Water
  • 2 If It's Love
  • 3 The Book of Numbers
  • 4 Loving You
  • 5 Harmony Road
  • 6 For Her Love
  • 7 The Hills on the Border
  • 8 Captain Bateman
  • 9 The Bells of St. Thomas
  • 10 The Bridge