SCHOOL OF ROCK (Music From and Inspired by Motion Picture) [2021] 2LP orange NEW

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Released: October 8, 2021

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Rocktober 2021 release. 2LPs on orange vinyl. Etching on side 4. Sealed & new. 

Side A 
01 School of Rock - By School of Rock Cast
02 Your Head, Your Mind,
Your Brain... (Vocal Excerpt) - By School of Rock Cast
03 Substitute - By The Who
04 Fight - By No Vacancy
05 Touch Me - By The Doors
06 I Pledge Allegiance to the Band (Vocal Excerpt) -By School of Rock Cast
07 Sunshine Of Your Love -By Cream

Side B
01 Immigrant Song (1990
Remaster) - By Led Zeppelin
02 Set You Free - By The Black Keys
03 Edge of Seventeen - By Stevie Nicks
04 Heal Me, I'm Heartsick - By No Vacancy
05 Growing on Me - By The Darkness

-DISC 2-
Side A 
01 Ballrooms Of Mars - By T. Rex
02 Those Who Can't Do... (Vocal Excerpt) - By School of Rock Cast
03 My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg) - By Ramones
04 T.V. Eye - By Wylde Ratttz
05 It's a Long Way to the Top - By School of Rock Cast

-Side B-