PINK MARTINI "I Am Woman" / "Exodus" [2018] 7" Single. NEW

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Released November 2, 2018

Sealed, new.

“I Am Woman” is Pink Martini’s first new studio release since 2016’s Je dis oui!—a timely and epic version of the Helen Reddy classic that features both of the band’s powerful lead singers, China Forbes and Storm Large. This song has been a staple of the band’s concert performances for over a year now, a memorable highlight of each show in which they invite a multitude of women from the audience on stage to sing with the band. Of the track Forbes says, “Helen Reddy’s ‘I am Woman’ is having its moment again, and we are so lucky to be a conduit for this message of womanly power, sisterhood and unity. Singing this duet with my Pink Martini sister, Storm Large, underscores how when women raise our voices together, our message of equality and pride is magnified beyond calculation. (via Heinz Records)