OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY Meet You In the Shadows [2019] NEW

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Release date: 1/18/2019

Sealed, new LP. 

Outrageous Cherry combined psychedelia, folk rock, art rock, and bubblegum music across more than 12 albums and nearly three decades. They attracted an international cult following and were a longstanding fixture in the Detroit rock and roll scene since their first gigs in 1991. MEET YOU IN THE SHADOWS is their final studio album, completed before the passing of founding lead guitarist Larry Ray. Some of the songs, like "Lies Feel Good" and "Creeps Retreat", address contemporary social and political turmoil, while "The Beginning of the End of the Night" and "Complicate Me" are more of a psychological hall of mirrors. The title track, "Meet You in the Shadows" is all of these things at once.