ONO, YOKO - Warzone [2018] Indie Exclusive WHITE vinyl. NEW

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Release date: October 19, 2018

Limited Edition Indie Exclusive on WHITE vinyl

Following twenty albums over 50 years, Yoko Ono's Warzone is a strikingly different record from those she has previously made. Revisiting and reimagining 13 songs from her past work, spanning 1970-2009, the lyrics and messages are still pertinent-perhaps even more pertinent-in 2018. Recent US presidents and many of our world leaders have never served in the military, yet they continually nourish and serve the corporate-infused military industrial complex, keeping the world in a perpetual warfare. Warzone further builds the legacy of an artist unparalleled in her unique and singular vision. With it's stripped down recordings and arrangements, and a particular emphasis on Yoko's voice and lyrics, the content of her message rings clear and unencumbered, with wisdom and fortitude her power has intensified with time and life experience.

Track list:

1 Warzone
2 Hell in Paradise
3 Now or Never
4 Where Do We Go from Here
5 Woman Power
6 It's Gonna Rain
7 Why
8 Children Power
9 I Love All of Me
10 Teddy Bear
11 I'm Alive
12 I Love You Earth
13 Imagine