GARCIA PEOPLES (street date 1/14) - Dodging Dues [2022] NEW

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Released: January 14, 2022

Dodging Dues is a startlingly expansive record -"startling" in part because it's relatively short (seven songs, all but one hovering around the four minute mark), but also because it traverses so many moods and styles: languid and dreamy one moment, surging and intense the next. Garcia Peoples (these days a six-person band) "hit their stride" a long time ago, but here they seem to be hitting a different one, working themselves loose of influences (though this tree has roots: traces of Thin Lizzy, of more arcane bits of U.K. folk-prog, of vintage Meat Puppets in some of the softer passages) while at the same time opening themselves up to their own individual strangeness, becoming ever more singular and ever more free.

1 False Company
2 Cold Dice
3 Tough Freaks
4 Stray Cats
5 Here We Are
6 Cassandra
7 Fill Your Cup