HARRIS, EMMYLOU - Red Dirt Girl [2021] Reissue, Translucent Red Vinyl.NEW

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Released: February 19, 2021

Red Dirt Girl, originally released in 2000, reached #3 on the Billboard country album charts and won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album in 2001. The album was a significant departure for Harris, as eleven of the twelve tracks were written or co-written by her. At the time, she was best known for covering other songwriters' work. Prior to this album, only two of Harris' LPs had more than two of her own compositions (Gliding Bird in 1969, and The Ballad of Sally Rose in 1985). 

  • The Pearl
  • Michelangelo
  • I Don't Wanna Talk About It Now
  • Tragedy
  • Red Dirt Girl
  • My Baby Needs a Shepherd
  • Bang the Drum Slowly
  • J'ai Fait Tout
  • One Big Love
  • Hour of Gold
  • My Antonia
  • Boy from Tupelo