DESCENDENTS - 9th & Walnut [2021] NEW

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Released December 3, 2021

Archive collection. This is the Descendents' earliest material, representing a "lost" pre-MGTC album. Most of these songs have not been heard-until now. Every element of Descendents' genre-creating sound is here: Stevenson's hyper-caffeinated surf-beats, Lombardo's intrepid bass, Navetta's crunching attack, Aukerman's impassioned, infinitely relatable singing-and all those great melodies and harmonies.

1 Sailors' Choice
2 Crepe Suzette
3 You Make Me Sick
4 Lullaby
5 Nightage
6 Baby Doncha Know
7 Tired of Being Tired
8 I'm Shaky
9 Grudge
10 Mohicans
11 Like the Way I Know
12 It's a Hectic World
13 To Remember
14 Yore Disgusting
15 It's My Hair
16 I Need Some
17 Ride the Wild
18 Glad All Over