CAAAMP - Lavender Days [2022] Pink & Purple galaxy swirl vinyl. NEW

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Released: June 24, 2022

Limited pink and purple colored vinyl LP pressing. Lavender Days was written in the aftermath of a period of loss and heartache suffered by Taylor Meier. A great love, a great dog, his livelihood, his sanity... all gone in the same period when touring and every bit of human interaction was taken from him and the rest of the world. It was a humbling experience, and one that placed him firmly back in the spot that Caamp so often writes about - his Midwestern home and the life he lives in the state of Ohio. It's the romanticism that Caamp approaches that simple life with that speaks to their volume of fans and is even further ruminated on in Lavender Days. It's about the in between days - the small pleasures and the forgotten disappointments.

  • 1 Come with Me Now
  • 2 Believe 0
  • 3 The Otter
  • 4 Apple Tree Blues
  • 5 All My Lonesome
  • 6 Light
  • 7 Found (Forever)
  • 8 Lavender Girl
  • 9 Garden Song
  • 10 Fever
  • 11 Snowshoes
  • 12 Sure of